Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Lomo Lovers Collection

The Lomo Lovers Collection
Welcome to the Lomo Lovers collection!
These designs are basically pop art inspired pieces. The photo above is how the finished item will look like. It doesn't have to be a camera. You can request what object you want to have painted with the Lomo Lovers effect.
1. Send a photo, or request what object you want painted with the Lomo Lovers effect.
2. Discuss what size you want it to be.
3. Send item, along with required payment.
4. Own your own Lomo Lovers Collection piece!:D

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How your work of art is created.

So,here's an example of how your item will be completed. First, we check the item to make sure it is free of odd stains or prints. Then the artist will draft your design to paper and send you the design for confirmation.    
After the design is confirmed, it will be transferred to the item and be guidelines for painting. 
Using the guidelines, the lighter colours will be mixed, painted, and the base of the artwork is created!:D
Darker colours are painted after the lighter paint has dried, to avoid the darker paint to be smudged.
And voila! Your very own work of art!:)
(ChentaDinka label will be applied for copyright purposes)

The ChentaDinka Family.

Welcome to the ChentaDinka family!
Heres just a run through the crew here at ChentaDinka.
Creative Support:
Roz Zaini
Technical Support:
Roz Zaini

How to contact us!

Hey there! I'm Qis, and ill be the one working on your items!
So heres how we get started:
You can email me at
You can leave a comment on the main blog page.
After we have contact, we can get to discussing your item.

Friday, January 16, 2009

ChentaDinka.The Beginning.

The name
Dinka was a combination of the words dinda and kanda from the old movies during the late P.Ramlee era. So dinda+kanda=Dinka. Its that simple!:D After much motivation from family and friends, We were able to launch ChentaDinka as a simple business. The label is aimed at those who are bored of the common printed tshirts and bags that are being sold and would rather decide by themselves what to have on their stuff. We here at ChentaDinka promote individuality and encourage creativity. Leaving you satisfied with a work of art you can be happy to say you were a part of. Anybody out there that are of the similar business as us please contact us to gain exposure space on our page. Every piece of artwork will have the official ChentaDinka logo to copyright our creations.Enjoy!